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1) Can you provide references?

If you just came here from web search, and you have been browsing other pool service websites, you will notice how easy it is to create a nice looking "facade". But how certain can you be about the integrity of pool service companies? References will tell you 3 things: their experience and technical know-how, their commitment with their clients, and the fairness of their pricing.

2) Do you perform the service yourself?

Many pool service companies in Saratoga Hills are a simple mobile phone where the person taking your call will send whatever low-cost staff they can find to service your pool.

If you would like you pool to be treated as you would do it yourselft, owner operated pool service is the way to go. No one can be so zealous with quality service and can provide quick insight and solutions to your pool problems, right on the spot.

3) Will you be available?

Pool Cleaning Companies in Saratoga Hills, CAIt is quite easy to take too much work for a very low cost. What is not so easy is figuring out where to get enough time and technicians to actually do the job. That is why unprofessional pool service companies are always promising "I'll get back to you", "I was about to call you" and then take days to respond.

Quality pool service companies in Saratoga Hills should be expected to have a 24 hour max response time.

4) Will you take care or my pool equipment?

Pool service companies with "generic" knowledge about pool equipment usually take longer to solve the issue, may damage it while trying to repair it and have a harder time identifying parts to be replaced and where to source them. Because a pump is not just pump. A filter is not a whichever filter. And pool heaters are not all created equal.

That's why you should ask if they have been factory trained by the equipment brands you have in your pool, be them Jandy, Pentair, Hayward, Sta-Rite, Raypak – you name it. This ensures the problem will be solved promptly and with the lowest cost.

5) Will you make sure our pool water is safe and healthy?

There is a big difference between "looking" clean and "being" clean. A quick 5 minute visits, a guesstimate of chlorine and trickling some chemicals may do the job for some weeks. But accumulated imbalances in chemicals will invariably: deteriorate your pool lining either by excess calcium deposits or erosion, clot your pumps and filters or burn them because of water acidity, not to mention irritate your skin (dermatitis is very common) or overlook proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Saratoga Hills Pool Cleaning CompaniesExperienced pool service companies will know the exact proportions, frequency and what measurements to take, with the appropriate instruments and reactive tests. The difference between looking and being clean, is simply peace of mind.


More advanced pool service firms can fully recycle your pool water removing any chemical overlod and most organic matter still present in it (saving over 80% of municipal water refill)

6) Are you licensed and insured?

You'd be surprised to learn how many pool service "companies" in Saratoga Hills don't actually have a license, nor are insured. Although it is not a guarantee of professionalism or quality work, it is a pre-requisite for your own protection.


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Typical Costs Charged by Professional Pool Service Companies in Saratoga Hills

Licensed, insured pool service companies with a minimum of 10 years experience usually charge the following monthly, making one visit per week:

  • Small pool: $115-175
  • Medium pool: $125-250
  • Large pool: $200-500


The price varies because it depends if the pool is indoor or outdoor, on the surrounding landscape, winds in the area of Saratoga Hills you live, and pool usage.

If your pool needs repairs, maintenance, equipment review and service, pool service companies charge a "visit" fee. For orientation, on average:

  • Pool problem diagnostic: $90

You recover this amount if you agree to their proposed repair/service quote.


One of the most frequent equipment that needs regular cleaning is the pool filter. It may be quarterly, but high wind / heavy usage pools may need it much sooner. Among licenced, insured pool service companies in Saratoga Hills, the usual cost is:


  • Pool filter clean: $70

Detected and cleaned on time, it prevents excessive circuit pressure, forcing the pump to work beyond the recommended parameters.


  • Pool Heater: $2,500 - $4,500



Dependable pool service companies servicing Saratoga Hills should be ready to give you references for you to contact.


Malibu Pool Pros, who has been delivering top customer satisfaction for over a decade, prides in these comments from current clients (and can provide many more at your request):

These guys rock, seriously. I have called them at the most inconvenient time and they showed up, on time and ready to work.
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My pool has never looked better. All of my friends commented on how nice the pool was at my last party.
Cody M. - Beverly Hills
I never worry about the pool maintenance since I have been using Malibu Pool Pros
Sarah D. - Thousand Oaks
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