Are you tired of the pool service company only spending 5 to 10 minutes in your backyard? Are you constantly trying to keep tabs on which day and time the pool guy comes?  Hire us to bridge your gap of uncertainty and dissatisfaction. With more than 15 years of experience, our professional service and maintenance team is ready to take on the responsibility, giving you the time you need to do what’s most important – enjoy your pool.

We take pride in being able to provide professional care for your pool. Contact us today to set up a service and maintenance schedule that works best for you. We proudly offer pool service 1 visit per week, 2 visits per week and even 3 visits per week upon request.

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Most pool owners understand the importance of keeping their pools and spas clean, chemically balanced and properly maintained, but few have the time or desire to do it themselves. With Malibu Pool Pros, you don’t have to! Our adept, dependable maintenance technicians specialize in handling the hard work so you can spend your time enjoying your pool, not laboring over it.

Equipment Installation & Repair

We specialize in pool equipment installation and repair. Our trained technicians are able to repair and replace any type of equipment new or old. If your filter has a crack or the bubbles in your spa don’t feel as strong, we can assist you. Ask us about energy-efficient pumps that can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill. Light not working or interested in upgrading to color-changing LED lights for your pool or spa, we can help! From standard pool time clocks to the latest technology in automation, we are your pool and spa professionals. Contact us today, we are happy to help.

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Pool Inspections

A swimming pool adds great value to the investment of your home. If you are purchasing a home with an existing pool we offer pool inspections. We perform a visual and operational inspection of the pool/spa, coping, tile, plaster, and equipment. After our inspection is completed, we provide a full report with any repair recommendations and pricing. For more information or to schedule your pool inspection, contact us today.

Equipment Automation & Upgrades

At Malibu Pool Pros, we understand your time is valuable. There’s no reason for any pool or spa owner to use more energy or spend more money than necessary. We are dedicated to delivering you the most energy-efficient up to date variable speed pumps and latest pool automation systems Integrating an automated control system is the best way you can save time and money while operating your pool. Imagine being able to warm up the spa, activate the jets and kick on the lights before you get home. Automated control systems give you the latitude to control your pool/spa anywhere, anytime on your smart device. Contact us today to find out how we can upgrade your pool equipment!

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